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A family friendly health & fitness coach!

Coach Lisa will get the entire family fit!

Why train with Coach Lisa?

*Certified Health Coach

*Certified Personal Trainer

*No Gym needed!

Get fit in the comfort of your own home or the great outdoors!

*One-on-One Coaching

*Individualized Nutrition Planning

*Learn to live a sustainable healthy lifestyle!

Certified Personal Trainer

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Meet Coach Lisa Luera

Hi! It's coach Lisa - Personal Trainer, Health Coach, Girl Mom, Marine Wife & Child of God.

A little about me: I have been active and healthy pretty

much my entire life. I’ve always enjoyed being active – whether it was playing basketball, dancing with friends, or going for a run after work. After I had my 3rd daughter, the weight did not fall off like it did before! I struggled with the baby weight (like so many of us do) and I made the decision to join a small locally owned gym. I was determined to get back in shape, but I needed help. I made friends with the owners and trainers at the gym, and they taught me a lot about my body and what “healthy” really meant. My passion for health and wellness grew and it was in those training moments that I realized I wanted to share what I learned

with others!

I was focused and determined and eventually became a certified Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)! I love helping individuals and families view healthy living as a “normal” way of life. Being healthy doesn’t have to be hard and it doesn’t have to be limiting. Let me help you, your family and friends make healthy lifestyle choices the easy choice.

Client Testimonials

I want to thank Lisa Luera for being my Health Coach and Trainer! She taught me how to stretch, exercise and how to use work out machines. For a long time I was feeling tired, had body aches & weak muscles. After months of training with her, my body is feeling much better physically and mentally! She recommended foods to eat & what to avoid. Thank you Lisa for helping me get the motivation I needed!

-Diana P.

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Lisa has helped me get my "pre-baby" body back after I had my baby.

I struggled with loss of energy,

no motivation, and lack of confidence. She educated me on what foods would help my body recover and give me the nutrients I needed. She also helped get me active and showed me how to include my baby in my exercise routines! I now have more confidence in how I feel. Thank you so much Coach Lisa.

-Christina C.

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Coach Lisa has been the best coach

I have had. She is patient with me and takes the time to show me how to use exercise machines correctly and how to have correct form when I workout. She shows compassion and how much she cares about my health and well being every time we have a session. She is on top of me with my check-ins and gives me motivation when I do not feel like working out. She has also showed me how to change my eating habits.

-Andrew F.

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